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The purpose of this page is to illustrate aspects of Hankelow in any media that can be presented via a website. At the moment, this is confined to photographs, video and audio media.

All media are copyright.

Unless otherwise specified, permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify these media under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.

Please contact us if you'd like to have media considered for inclusion on the Hankelow website.


  • Of-the-moment. These photographs are of events that are anchored to a particular time. An example of this is the canal boat that looked like it might go for a drink in the White Lion.
  • Buildings. These are reasonable current photographs of buildings in Hankelow.
  • Scenery These are reasonably current photographs of the scenery of Hankelow.
  • Historic Photographs, more than 30 years old, of Hankelow and its residents.


  • Recent. Videos, less than 30 years old, of Hankelow and its residents.
  • Historic Videos, more than 30 years old, of Hankelow and its residents.


At the moment, we have no audio to play you. If anyone would like to donate audio about their involvement with Hankelow, it would be much appreciated.

All media are copyright.

Page last updated on 2nd May 2017