Hankelow — Old "What's new on other pages" items

This page contains all the old items from the main page's "What's new on other pages" section for 2018

The Home page will typically only contain a month's worth of items. If you've not connected to us for more than a week, you might want to know what else has been added whilst you've been away.

Please note that the purpose of this page is to let you know what WAS happening or what information WAS available. Much of the information itself is long since gone, and many of the links are broken.

11th April 2018 (1st of 2) - New planning application.

11th April 2018 (2nd of 2) - Updated information about the Tuesday Day Club

6th April 2018 - Information added to the Village information page about the nearest chemists, butchers and post office.

1st April 2018 (1st of 2) - Information about a local person offering domestic care services

1st April 2018 (2nd of 2) - Information about a recommended locksmith.

31st March 2018 - The March 2018 edition of the Hankelow Methodist Chapel newsletter

30th March 2018 - Information about two events at Hankelow Methodist Chapel

28th March 2018 - Information about local Take Aways has been added to the "Village information" page.

26th March 2018 - Dates (see above) for questions and answers about, and the return of, the Neighbourhood Plan Second Consultation questionnaire.

20th March 2018 (1st of 2) - The Winter/Spring 2018 edition of the Audlem Newsletter.

20th March 2018 (2nd of 2) - The minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 5th March 2018

26th February 2018 - The pre-Parish Council meeting documents for the Parish Council meeting on 5th March are now available.

24th February 2018 - New planning application.

16th February 2018 - Corrected United Utilities' 24-hour number for water and wastewater emergencies on the Village information page

13th February 2018 (1st of 2) - The timetable for Hankelow's buses from 1st April

13th February 2018 (2nd of 2) - Corrections to information about the Citizens Advice Bureau.

12th February 2018 - Information about Greek Night at Audlem Chippy

5th February 2018 - Updated the Departmental map of Leighton Hospital in the "Maps" section on the "Village information" page

31st January 2018 - The current program of events and activities at the Munch and Crunch Group can be found here.

8th January 2018 - The "Handyman Services" section of the "Services" page has been renamed "Home Maintenance", and a second entry has been added.